Mrs. Van Zant's Humanities Series Class Material

Supplemental class handouts and notes (1980-1983)

Plato, AI Art generated by Robin Johnson

It is my understanding that Claire Van Zant destroyed all of her lecture notes upon retirement. I am not sure if this is true. If it is true, I have no idea what her reasoning was. Perhaps she was worried about them being used carelessly. Perhaps she just felt it was time for it all to be well and done. Regardless, I share her supplemental class materials here with the profoundest respect for her skill and expertise. I ask that the reader enjoy them (for private purposes) with equal respect and not share them. Rather, please direct people to this site.

Humanities I, Ancient Athens
Humanities I, New York and Contemporary America
Humanities II, Man and God
Humanities II, Measure of Modern Man
Humanities III, Beyond Enlightenment